Remembering the band America, no not really

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Let it be known, we play favorites on the podcast. Returning for their third appearance, following a massive eight-month tour that involved awkward interactions with drunken, shoeless fans (a.k.a. Texans), Ivan & Alyosha spill their tight harmonies all over the Moldy Basement. Damn, they are good! Reminds Marty of the harmonies in America … the band. Horse with no Name? People, let’s study up on our 70’s soft rock history.

Also Aaron Adelstein, Executive Director of Build Green, showcases the first zero energy multi-family community in the country that he helped build in Issaquah. Ten townhomes using zero net energy, 60% less water. You can tour the development on weekends between now and the end of October. Surely, Aaron remembers America. Aaaron? Anyone??

And don’t miss our bonus interview with Emmy/Grammy/Tony-winner Lily Tomlin (October 1, 2011, Edmonds Center for the Arts), who surprised us with her graciousness. Why surprised? Because moments before the interview we stumbled upon this youtube video catching her in a somewhat less gracious moment. Lesson learned: don’t judge anyone based on a youtube freak out.

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