Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs

Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs have been on a tear lately.  Prior to their packed Saturday Bumbershoot 2010 performance, Star and her guitarist Justin Davis told us that they had played every night straight for the past three weeks, including a show the previous night in Spokane that had them rolling into Seattle at 4AM.  A scant seven hours before this backstage interview.

No breaks.  From the music or from one other.  So, are they getting on each other’s nerves?  Maybe a little.  Or a lot, depending on who you ask, and we do ask.

But this is no time to go all Fleet-wood Mac-ish on us (or Sid & Nancy?  or Lennon & McCartney?  Hello, anyone? Famous Rock and Roll breakups for $100).

There’s a new album to be recorded with numerous special guests, some of whom are about to jump on stage with StarAnna and the Laughing Dogs live at Bumbershoot.