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Tag Archives: Seattle Weekly

#445 Space Needle Crash, It Wasn’t Us!

Ian Moore & Friends

#388 Lost Dogma and Chris Kornelis

Lost Dogma from the Documentary Soundtrack Sleeping with Siri

#381 Snowblind Traveler and Chris Kornelis from Seattle Weekly

Music Editor from The Seattle Weekly and Beautiful San Francisco Band

#371 The Bob Rivers Show and Left Hand Smoke

Podcast-Broadcast simulcast with Bob Rivers and Left Hand Smoke

#370 LeRoy Bell

Last podcast of the year with LeRoy Bell and Jodi Brothers

#369 Whiskey Syndicate and Jodi Brothers

Our first freedom podcast

#368 Tom Watson and Aaron Daniel

King County’s Eco-Warrior and Looping Guitars

#366 Teatro Zinzanni and Ian McFeron

Christine Deaver, Thaddeus Turner and Seattle’s own folktown foursome

#365 Massy Ferguson and Eternal Fair

Andrew Vait, Massy Ferguson and Election Results

#362 Cody Beebe & The Crooks

Central & Western Washington’s Favorite Sons