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Tag Archives: Seattle Radio

#390 The Glass Notes and Shawn Stewart

Robb Benson and Jake Uitti from The Glass Notes

#389 Redwood Son and Shawn Stewart

Josh Malm of Portland’s Redwood Son

#387 Pat Cashman and Shawn Brown

Seattle actor/comedian Pat Cashman and Oakland’s Shawn Brown

#385 Impossible Bird and Decon ’13

Amazing guitar/fiddle duo and Kinley Deller

#384 Live from American Documentary Film Festival

The “Sleeping with Siri” premiere in Palm Springs

#383 A Polyamorous Quad and Musician Blake Noble

Didgeridoo master Blake Noble and Four friends with Benefits

#382 Comic Dana Gould and Massy Ferguson

Dana Gould promotes his Seattle taping and Massy Ferguson premieres a new record

#381 Snowblind Traveler and Chris Kornelis from Seattle Weekly

Music Editor from The Seattle Weekly and Beautiful San Francisco Band

#380 Fighting the Dance Tax and Jim Basnight

Hallie Kuperman and Steven Severin and former Moberly’s frotnman

#378 Fire Marshal Rick and Radio Raheem

Everett’s Fire Marshall and a red hot Seattle soul outfit