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Tag Archives: Seattle Radio

#404 Everyone who listens gets a handicap placard

Star Anna’s tribute to Patsy Cline and Comic Josh Blue

#401 Gooooood Morning Afghanistan!

Musician Bradford Loomis, Psy Ops specialist Matt Johnson and an 8-foot Sturgeon

#399 Rock and Rally for the Troops

Amanda Hardy and Riot in Rhythm

#397 Gary Minkler and the Combination

Custodian by day, poet/musician by night

#396 Katie Couric and Dubious Friends

Recap of the Katie Show and Questionable Facebook Friends

#395 Chuck McCann and Ayron Jones

Veteran voice actor Chuck McCann and Blues Singer Ayron Jones

#394 OK, Sweetheart and Comedian Adam Cozens

Comic Adam Cozens and Singer Erin Autsin of OK Sweetheart

#393 Victoria Contreras

Victoria Contreras debut CD and our Katie Couric Recap

#392 Dartanion London and the Swearengens

Comedian Dartanion London and Alt-Country Outfit Swearengens

#391 Ethan Freckleton

Country singer Ethan Freckleton and the big call from NYC