This Is What You Need In Case Of Zombie Attack

Disasters can come without warning. And unnatural zombie Armageddons can be even more surprising. Are you ready? The Centers for Disease Control is and is giving you a leg up.

That’s right. The CDC has deemed zombies a national health hazard and wants you to be ready with this handy-dandy preparedness kit. Released just this week, this tongue-and-cheek run down gives you tips on what to stock during a death-watch lockdown, what their response will be should the moaners come roaming, and how quarantine protects the population.

Are You Ready?
The CDC warns us to get a kit, make a plan, and be prepared. Sound advice for any natural disaster – paranormal or otherwise. And just in case you are still feeling unprepared, check out our first aid advice on cuts, bite wounds, infectious disease transmissions and what goes into an emergency preparedness kit.