Burglar Found In Bedroom, Pretending To Be Asleep

A naked Penn State student, David Darr, 20,  broke into a woman’s house and then pretended to be snoozing in her bed when cops busted him, police said.

Northern York County regional police said they received a 911 called at 3:43 a.m.

“I jumped out of bed and screamed ‘Who are you?’ He didn’t say anything,” the woman, who didn’t give her name.

When police arrived, they hustled the woman’s young son out of his bedroom before confronting Darr, who was in another bedroom, totally nude and pretending to be asleep under the covers.

His clothes, wallet and cell phone were next to the bed, the police said, and he initially tried to act like he lived there.

“This is weird,” the woman said. “I keep thinking, ‘Why did he lay down in bed naked?'”

(CBS 21)