Japanese Are Just Hungry

Burger King has unleashed its Meat Monster Whopper sandwich on Japan by stacking another meat patty, a chicken patty, two cheese slices and three bacon strips onto a regular Whopper.

This Meat Monster and the All Heavy Whopper are “part of a campaign that shows customers how the Have It Your Way brand promise can come to life,” explains Burger King spokeswoman Lauren Ross.

That means you can have more toppings on your All Heavy Whopper or more meat on your Meat Monster.

Thankfully out of reach, we’ll be safer from further increasing the rate of heart attacks in the States. You don’t need to super-size the fries and drink with this doozy of a burger.

This is a chart what you can add on your Whopper.

Beef Hamburger (4oz or 2 oz), Grilled Chicken Breast, Fish Putty, 3 pieces of Bacon, Egg, 1 slice of Cheese,1 slice of Tomato, Teriyaki Sauce, Ketchup, Mustard, Lettuce, Onion, Pickle, and Mayo.