Almost-Free House

On Tuesday’s Yaz’s Silly News Update, a guy got an iPad 2 free.  This couple got a house free… almost.

Matt and Jamie Danielson may own their home free and clear.  Thanks to a loophole in Iowa law.

Their nearly $280,000 house was in foreclosure, after making just one payment.  But the couple won a court fight over a 123-year-old state law and kept the home..

The statute requires that mortgage documents be signed by both spouses. Jamie Danielson didn’t sign the hasty home loan.

The Iowa Finance Authority filed a complaint after Jamie Danielson applied for a mortgage broker’s license.  The authority says Jamie Danielson had worked on a relative’s mortgage that was voided in 2006 because of a missing signature.  Matt Danielson acknowledged that he and his wife had known about the relative’s mortgage case.

The Iowa attorney general has ordered a case review of Matt and Jamie Danielson.