Stolen Sex Toys Lead to Burglar's Downfall

40-year-old Mitchell Tice of Marathon, Florida was just arrested for stealing a box of adult love toys from his boss.  USED love toys.

Back in January, Mitchell was working as a cook at the Banana Bay Resort and Marina.  The couple who owned the place lived in a trailer out back  and Mitchell broke into the trailer.

He took two laptops, a wig, and, yes, the box of toys.  Police never caught him and the case kind of just faded away.

Then, this month, police in Marathon were investigating an unrelated theft case at the Banana Bay Resort and happened to interview Mitchell’s ex-girlfriend, 38-year-old Pshantel Schott.  She didn’t know anything about the theft case they were asking about but she told the police that her ex had brought home a box of stolen, used adult toys a few months ago.

They connected that to the old case and Mitchell was arrested.  He’s been charged with misdemeanor theft of over $200 but under $1,000, and with felony theft of an unoccupied dwelling.

There’s no word on whether Mitchell used the toys he stole but he’s got a big, happy smile on his face in his mugshot, so take that for what it’s worth.

(NBC Miami)