Jenna Fischer charms her Seattle hosts

Eventually if you wander through Seattle long enough you’ll bump into someone you recognize.  Over there, isn’t that?  Who, the guy yelling at his own spit?  No, not him.  Over there.  Oh yeah, that definitely looks like …

This weekend it was a serendipitous encounter with Jenna Fischer.  Pam from “The Office,” and star of the new indie film “A Little Help,” which premiered last Friday at SIFF.

We love Jenna.  Marty, perhaps a bit too much.  So, being of a one-track mind (podcasting people, podcasting!) we of course asked Ms. Fischer to join us on Monday’s show.  She agreed, at least to be recorded for the show.

Hear us ask about the new film in which her character smokes.  Was she comfortable with cigarette in hand?  When fans meet her on the street what percentage address her as Pam vs. Jenna?  And who was it who told us not to ask her any questions about The Office?  What are they trying to hide?