Lyrical improvisation at its freeform finest

Here is an example of the freestyling brilliance of last Friday’s PODcast guest Jonathan Kingham. He incorporated the events of the morning into a spot-on, improvised rap.

And if listening isn’t enough to impress you, we transcribed the lyrics.

Listen or read or read while listening.

[audio:|titles=Jonathan Kingham Freestyle Excerpt]
Transcribed Lyrics:

“I thought me oh my, how could this be?
West to the B-A-S-to-the-E to the MENT


He said it’s good,
I got to apologize and repent
For stealin’ the show
A freestyle rhyme.

I said, Marty.
He said we got nothin’ but time

Sip from your Marty Riemer mug
Don’t try to steal it ‘cuz I’ll call you a thug

I said chill out, man. It’s OK
You can buy one at Snapfish any day.

Just put your picture on there and upload the file.
He said, it’s good but I don’t want to be vile.

Now he’s clappin’ and saying don’t rhyme about me.
I said, but your name be Jodi and your sidekick Marty

He said, it’s good but I have to give an accent for the party.
Hello Mr. Mayor, my name is Marty.
Can you put me on line for the party?

Please, I’d like to hold.
I never scold.

He said, I can’t believe this you’re only 30 years-old
But nevertheless he’s havin’ babies.
I’m impressed.

He said, I’m solid steel and sex
I said, oh hey, none of that on the pocast.
He said, it’s true because it’ll never last

He said, don’t try to bore me or hold me
I said, hey what’s with your girl Jodi

She said I’m pregnant, but I’m in a good mood
I said, what you sippin’?
She said, liquid food.

It’s a smoothie, strawberries, blueberries inside
I said, no protein powder to hide

She said, no, doctors said no to that.
She said, it’s cool but I like Ryan’s hat.

This morning, early on
It’s strong
I had to get ‘em taped up by Yaz
And he said it’s on.

He got headphones on that cancel the noise
I said to give a shout to all the boys.

To 103.7 for firin’ Marty & Jodi
It’s true, because they had to show me,

The podcast live from the basement with the mildew
I said, it’s tight, they run a lean crew

But they got good coffee and good donut holes
I used to eat those when I was like six years old.

It’s insane what I’m trying to say
He said, man, would you just shutup and play.

I said, early on, you got the coffee goin’
It was the Keurig machine and you said it’s forelornin’

Sittin’ in the corner ‘cuz Marty don’t like it
I said, cool, but I might just bike it

To West Seattle
It’s like a Battle

Tryin’ to get across the bridge
And then I’m in a mood
Bad and I say
What the heck I’m talkin’ about
It’s too early and I’m just runnin’ my mouth

But Ryan keeps playin’ like it’s no big deal
You said, hey how do you feel?

I said, I feel good ‘cuz I got some coffee
And Yaz was chilllin’ creepin’ down on one knee

With the sleep video edit creepin; in.
He said, I gotta side swipe my friend

He said, I got a brown shirt that make believe his eyes hurt

I said, it’s a Kingham.

Happy to report that it’s good on a Friday
It will be good, because you would have fired me a long ago
Back in the day

Not on the radio
He said, commercials is not what we got bro’

He said, we got podcasts and will last
I said, this is crazy and I’m just talkin’ out my …

I guess I coulda said the other word ‘cuz it’s on the internets
But I gotta keep my rhymes in check

And never curse
Never rehearse
And now Marty’s like, dude, I’m gonna drag you out in a hearse.

This is gone on way too long
I’m gonna shutup and sing the chorus of the song …”