FAQ's on how to listen (and even watch) the new Marty Riemer Show Podcast.

Ever since announcing that we were going to start podcasting beginning April 1st, we’ve been inundated with questions.  What’s a podcast?  How do I listen?  How much does it cost?  What are you wearing?

Ignoring for the moment the creepy nature of that last question, we would like to take time to get you up to speed on the new podcast and address all your concerns, because we are all in this together.

Before we get started, let us say thank you and we’re impressed.  A lot of people shy away from new, unfamiliar technologies because they figure it’s too late for them to learn or they’re too set in the way things have always been.  The fact that you’re reading this, contemplating listening to the new Marty Riemer Show Podcast, shows that you’re up for this new approach to listening.

It’s really not that complicated once someone walks you thru.  And it comes with some significant advantages to the old approach of flipping on the radio.  For instance, you get to listen to what you want when you want it without commercial (or fund drive) interruptions.  Podcasts are like Tivo for the radio.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is nothing more than an online audio (or video) file that you can subscribe to and listen to when and where you want.

You can choose to tune into a podcast on your computer or any number of portable players – the iPod being the most obvious one. Although despite the common “pod” root in the name, you do not need an iPOD to listen to a PODcast.

How can I listen to your podcast?

That depends on how and where you’d like to listen.   On your computer you can just surf to martyriemer.com and listen to the podcasts straight from the site. Or you can download the podcast as an mp3 and transfer it from your computer to your portable mp3 player for enjoyment later.

You can grab and listen to our podcast from the iTunes store or any number of other podcast aggregators (like Podcast Alley or myyahoo).  Then again, if your savvy to terms like “podcast aggregator,” should you really be in this class?

How long is a podcast?

A podcast has no set length.  It can be two minutes or four hours long.  However, The Marty Riemer Show Podcast will typically run 20-30 minutes a day.  The length of an average commute.

What does it mean to “subscribe” to a podcast?

Ah yes, to subscribe, therein lies the glory of the podcast!

Technically, in order for an online audio or video file to be considered a podcast, it has to come with an announcement to the world – in the form of something called an RSS feed – whenever a new episode is available.

If you’re a subscriber to a particular podcast – like maybe The Marty Riemer Show – your computer, thru a program like iTunes, will automatically download each new installment in the series.  Whenever you’re ready to listen, it’s there ready to be played.

How much does a subscription cost?

Iit’s FREE!  All podcasts available thru iTunes are FREE.  How do we make money?  Don’t know, because it’s FREE.

Exactly how do I subscribe to your podcast?

If you already use one of the podcast-ready services like iTunes, My Yahoo, or Zune we’ve made it easy for you.  Beneath every podcast posting on martyriemer.com you’ll find three buttons.  Click the one corresponding to the service you use and you’re subscribed to our podcast.  You could even subscribe right now by clicking on one of the example buttons below:


For instance, click on the iTunes button and you’ll automatically receive all Marty Riemer Show podcasts in your iTunes podcasts directory.  Click on the My Yahoo button, and every new episode of our show will magically appear on your My Yahoo page.  You only have to subscribe once and you’re on board.

Keep in mind, for the iTunes button above to work, you actually need to have iTunes installed on your computer.  Likewise for the Zune button.  My Yahoo is a different kind of animal.  Click on it and see what happens.  It won’t hurt anything, we promise.

How can I listen to you guys in the car?

If you have an iPod or a Zune and you subscribe to The Marty Riemer Show Podcast, everytime you sync your portable player with your computer you get all the latest episodes transfered over.  Now bring your iPod to the car and plug it into the auxiliary jack on your car stereo.  Only late model cars/stereos have the auxiliary jack and it might require a trip to Radio Shack for a cable, but since Radio Shack hasn’t had a customer since 1978 they’ll be thrilled to see you and help.

When do you record new episodes?

We’ll be on the air, so to speak, every weekday, Monday thru Friday.  We record the shows at 9:30AM and will post it by noon everyday.  By 12:01PM your podcast aggregator (i.e. iTunes) will know a new espisode is ready for download.

Is there anyway to hear you guys do your podcast live?

How did you know?  Yes!  Not only do we have a way for you to hear the podcast being recorded live, but you can watch too.  The process of recording the podcast – or “making the sausage,” as we like to think of it – will be aired live via video webcast every weekday morning at 9:30AM Pacific Time.

To watch click on the “WATCH LIVE” button on the martyriemer.com home page.  Or use the link below:


But again, it only does you good when we’re “on the air,” weekdays 9:30-10AM Pacific Time.  If you’re only interested in “hearing” the podcast live but not seeing, then go to the webcast and don’t look at the picture.  Sorry, did that sound snotty?

Can you recap the ways to listen to the podcast?

  • On your Computer:  The easiest way to listen to a Marty Riemer Show Podcast on your computer is to just surf to www.martyriemer.com, find the show that you’d like to hear under the PODCAST heading, click on the play button, and you’re off.  The latest episode will usually also be listed near the top of the NEWS section on the home page.
  • Via iTunes: If you have iTunes installed on your computer, start that up and click on the iTunes Store tab along the left.  Once in the iTunes store, enter “Marty Riemer Show” in  SEARCH THE ITUNES field.   The show listing should come up with all the most recent episodes.  Click on the play button next to the episode you want, and you’re listening.
  • On an iPod or her mp3 Player: make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast and sync your portable player up with your computer (using iTunes or Zune app).
  • Watch live on my computer: if you’re near an internet connection weekdays between 9:30-10AM, take a break from work and watch (and/or listen) live.  LIVE LINK .