Have you ever seen your pillow without the cover?  It looks like a bandage from the civil war.

-Tom Papa

Tom Papa has toured with Jerry Seinfeld for nearly a decade, and once you see him it’s easy to understand why.  Like Seinfeld, Papa has mastered the art of clean, observational humor.  He was personally chosen by Seinfeld to host NBC’s “The Marriage Ref,” and is a regular on late night television from “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” to the “Late Show with David Letterman.”  As an actor, Papa starred opposite Matt Damon in the Soderbergh film, “The Informant.”

The only reason grapefruit was even invented is because God wanted something to compare a tumor to.

-Gary Gulman

Gary Gulman’s humor is unique, clever and highly entertaining. His material focuses on questioning the absurdities of everyday life.  Why the nine-minute alarm snooze button?  Why does the walrus sport a mustache?  A strapping 6’6”, Gulman was a finalist on both Seasons 2 and 3 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing and should have won both times.  (We’re just saying.)

10% of kids in NY schools couldn’t point out Canada on a map. And, it was a map of Canada.  One kid pointed at his shoe.

-Dan Naturman

Dan Naturman’s charming, self-deprecating style has made him a hit with comedy club audiences across the country. If ever there were a Groucho Marx of this century, Naturman would be the closest thing.