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Podcast Extras

A Friday PODcast Extra

A bonus song from Jonathan Kingham

The PODcast has ended, the seats have emptied, let the roadies take the stage … but not before Johnathan Kingham puts in an encore performance of his most beautiful song Grace from the CD Smooth out the lines.


[audio:|titles=Jonathan Kingham – Grace]

A Friday PODcast Extra Extra

A bonus song from Ryan Shea Smith

On Friday, the PODcast ended before Ryan Shea Smith had a chance to perform one of his solo numbers.  It’s the funked up, jazzy title track from his brand new CD Stay Awhile that he played After Hours in the podcast studio.


[audio:|titles=Ryan Shea Smith – Stay Awhile]

Hugh Hefner – the unedited rebel

Hear the complete Hef interview

An edited version of the Hugh Hefner interview was included on the June 3, 2010, Marty Riemer Show PODcast.

We thought you might also be interested in hearing the complete unabridged version.


Funny Commercials

Watch some funny commercials

On June 3rd 2010, The Marty Riemer Show PODcast played clips from three of the funniest commercials of the year.  They didn’t all translate so well on the audio-only podcast.  Doh!

Here they are:

“Huggies Jeans Diapers Hit the Streets”

“Gay McDonald’s ad in France”

“Japanese Commercial for Itchy Groins”

Here is the translation by Yas the Japanese intern.
“My groin is itchy. M’s calms your itchiness. Stop itchiness by M’s.”
“In summer, our groins get itchy. When you get itchy, use M’s. Let’s heal itchiness without scratching by M’s.”

Jenna Fischer’s charms Seattle

Jenna Fischer visits Seattle after 16 years for SIFF

Marty Riemer, Jenna Fischer and Jodi Brothers

Originally included in the Marty Riemer Show PODcast dated May 24, 2010, here is the complete, unedited interview with Jenna Fischer in Seattle for the premier of her new film “A Little Help.”