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#445 Space Needle Crash, It Wasn’t Us!

Ian Moore & Friends

Hey, look who’s on the cover of  The Seattle Weekly this week! It’s that guy who co-hosts the podcast, whose name we can never remember. Speaking of people who should remain nameless, someone crashed a drone into Seattle’s Space Needle this week. While everyone thinks it was Marty, he has a legitimate, and equally disturbing, excuse for why he is not responsible #landscapedestruction.

But our stories this week pale in comparison to those accumulated by our musical guest. Ian Moore, who cut his teeth in Austin and now lives on Vashon Island, has played with the Stones and Dylan. He has witnessed firsthand Keith Richard’s drunken sideways crab walk and even does a little demo on the show. But it’s Ian’s live demonstration that is a must-hear. Ian plays two songs accompanied by our old friend V. Contreras and acclaimed steel guitar player John Rauhouse. The second of Ian’s two songs does a number on the women.

Join Ian Moore and Friends for a big birthday celebration on Saturday, August 2nd at the wonderful Triple Door.


#444 Your Brightest Colors, Your Whitest Whites

Moody Little Sister

If you’ve come to find answers about your mint-infused SCOBY, your detergent-free laundry system, and how oxygen bonds with other atoms, shockingly, this is the show for you.

It happens to be show #444, which as our ordained minister Marty points out is the number of the angel, though our GPS took us to 666 instead. Cursed again. But we did have an angelic twosome, Portland’s Moody Little Sister, on. Naomi and Rob make a return appearance after their record-breaking previous session with us. Oh, these guys are good – you hear that WESTPORT!! We’ll let them tell you what that means and why we have to hate Westport now.

Moody Little Sister perform tonight, July 18th, at the Bite of Seattle.


#443 Three Minutes in and We Bonked

Cy Scott from Leafly and Operation Ward 57

This weekend kicks of the annual Seattle to Portland bicycle classic, even those of us not riding the 200+ miles get something out of it. Butt chafing? No, we learn a new erm: bonking. You can use it in so many settings, and we do.

If it’s Friday, we’re talking weed. Really, these are historic times, as the first every store to sell legal recreational marijuana in Seattle opened this week. The place looks like a head shop and the owner forgot to put up signage, that aside, you do sense that this is serious business. Wall Street has taken note of the marijuana trade, and joining us today is one of the first private equity funded firms connected to Washington’s legal weed business: Leafly. Cy Scott, Leafly’s founder, walks us through what we need to know to be an educated consumer, and helps Marty pick the right strain for euphoria.

Finally, our podcast is in it’s fourth year, and in each of those years we have hosted the good folks from Operation Ward 57 to plug their annual Rock & Rally for the Troops, also in its fourth year. Brittney Hamilton of OW57 tells us how her group tries to help vets navigate the mess that is the VA, and Chris Haley of the band A Lien Nation previews a couple new songs they’ll be playing at this years Rally. Rock and Rally for the troops has moved to Fife and is happening all day, two stages, on August 2.


#442 Victoria, we’re tired of taking your s%&t

Tai Shan and our Victoria tirade

Just for listening to this podcast, you will be receiving 3 credits from Arizona State University. Or some other school in Arizona – they’re online credits so it doesn’t matter. Or does it? We have a lively discussion about Starbucks “generous” new program that offers a free online education to its employees.

Smells a little foul to us. Or maybe that’s just Victoria, B.C. wafting our way. Seriously, you guys need to clean up your s&^%.

And T-Mobile’s unapologetic CEO has to apologize (so, scratch that unapologetic part) for having used the “r” word. That sparks a discussion about language, intent, political correctness and being a slow drummer.

Seattle artist, teacher, improv-musician Tai Shawn closes out today’s episode of the “Seattle’s longest running music show” (that’s us by the way, not Casey Kasem .. R.I.P.). Tai’s splendid voice can be heard echoing through the alley’s of the Pike Place Market as she has a standing gig at the Can Can there, her next appearance on Tuesday, June 24th.

Happy summer solstice!

Tai Shan 06-20-2014

#441 Dude, All Our Gear was Stolen

Mikey and Matty and a Jean Enersen Career Recap

It’s Friday the 13th, there’s a full (honey) moon, we may be at war with Iraq again and Jean Enerson retires. That is a bucket full of foreboding, but we venture bravely ahead tackling the issues of the day.

We review Seattle anchorwoman Jean Enersen’s long (since 1968!!) and lovely career. Well, we tend to focus on one rumor that we’re not even sure is true. Just like Google does when you type in her name.

We share a statistic from China that will blow your mind. And we report on a high-flying, Seattle music startup called Lively that appears to be faltering, either because they’ve lost funding or because “all our stuff was stolen, dude.”

It was the latter excuse that was given to our talented brotherly duo, Mikey and Matty, for why their appearance at Lively was canceled this week. Lively’s loss, our gain. Mikey and Matty, who previously played the Moldy Basement in their band Curtains for You, have now stripped it down to just the two. And wow. Their sweet harmonies will remind you of the Everly Brothers – especially when they start playing an Everly Brothers song. You can see Mikey and Matty play the Timber Outdoor Music Festival July 24-26th.

Oh, and as a follow-up to last week’s show, we do a live, group-sample of Marty’s biology experiment, a.k.a. his Kombucha brew. If we miss next week’s show, you know what happened: Poisoned by the ‘buch.


#440 A drink made from the essence of the Moldy Basement

Singer-songwriter Kye Alfred Hillig

The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun … is a kid with pepper spray. While discussing guns in this country seems an utter waste of time (i.e. about 5 minutes of this show were wasted), Michael has a simple solution. Donate $25 and be done with it.

Marty has a new – and utterly disgusting – science experiment growing in the Moldy Basement, and ironically it involves mold. The good kind. Given a homebrew Kombucha kit by his wife, Marty is all in, and tries to lure his guest into sampling the stringy, lumpy, brown liquid which appears to be home to a dead jellyfish. Mmm Kombucha.

Finally, we should have spent less time discussing the internet’s attraction to farts and more time with our amazing singer-songwriter guest, Kye Alfred Hillig. That’s Kye NOT Kyle, dummy. And by dummy, we mean Marty. Ky performs two songs that will quiet down even the most unruly audience; and if the music doesn’t grab you Kye will (by the throat).



#439 Tom Papa refs Michael’s marriage

Comedian/actor Tom Papa and Seattle guitar-duo Science!

Actor/Comedian Tom Papa, in town for a series of shows at Laugh’s in Kirkland this weekend, shares his anxiety over being fired from every movie set he’s ever been on, especially when Michael Douglas gives him a crooked look. But things really get crazy when the former Marriage Ref host decides to referee Michael’s long defunct marriage. It’s not pretty #demonvajayjay

Making their second appearance on the podcast prior to embarking on a huge summer tour of the USA, the guitar-drenched duo Science! land with a new song that they recorded for London Tone Records. Listen to their live performance and then get a copy of the single HERE.


#438 The Mysteries of Hexagonal Water

How to live forever and Seattle glam-punk band Post Adolescence

So, Marty attended his daughter’s school’s Science Night last night expecting the usual assortment of oozing baking soda volcanoes.  Instead, tucked away in the corner of one classroom he discovered a Fountain of Youth! Seriously, this is Nobel Prize worthy, that might well turn back the clock on aging (making Marty look as youthful as a 68 year-old). Order your hexagonal water machine now … but first listen to the show to find out what hexagonal water is.

Speaking of youthful. Seattle’s post-punk, glam band Post Adolescence fronted by a genuine rock star vocalist, fills the Moldy Basement with a happy, edgy, tight jam. Post Adolescence plays the Sunset Tavern, May 24, 2014.


#437 Making out with Heidi Klum

America's Got Talent's Taylor Williamson and musician Kate Lynne Logan

Hello Seattle, where we discover today that the men outnumber the women 119-to-100! No wonder this podcast is such a sausage fest.

Make that 120-to-100 as we welcome the second most talented man in America to Seattle. Comedian Taylor Williamson shares his secrets for how to get to first base with Heidi Klum, while finishing second on the last season of America’s Got Talent. Taylor plays Laughs in Kirkland this weekend (May 16-17, 2014).

Hey look, a woman!! We had to import one from a small town near Wenatchee. Singer-songwriter Kate-Lynne Logan joins the podcast to perform her sweet, fragile songs about swimming in a sea of whiskey. Beautiful. Must hear. Her fourth album is called Animal Dreams.


#436 Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Special effects legend Doug Trumbull (2001: A Space Odyssey) and Seattle band HARPS

Special effects wizard and the man behind 2001: A Space Odyssey, Bladerunner, Close Encounters, and on .. and on, Doug Trumbull is in town to unveil a brand new cinematic technology at the Cinerama Sci-Fi Film Festival this weekend. He descries the new technology involved in his UFO-Tog – that will blow your mind (and make Gravity look an Ed Wood flick). We just want him to make us weightless (or weigh less). Doug promises to bring a UFO into the Cinerama on Sunday – three showings at 12:30, 3 and 5:30PM.

Seattle electronic pop band HARPS debuts on the podcast with the most complex setup we’ve hosted in the Moldy Basement to date. And they’re a three-piece! Featuring classically trained front man Colin Brown, a Columbia, SC transplant, HARPS is a young band destined for greatness.