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#433 More Forgiveness than 100 Easter Services

South Park Survivor Jennifer Hopper

She has been called the bravest woman in Seattle. Victim of one of this cities most horrific and brutal crimes, Jennifer Hopper prepares for her first public performance since surviving the highly publicized South Park rape and murder that took the life of her partner Teresa Butz. Jennifer, a very talented singer, will perform a series of songs inspired by Teresa live on April 25, 2014, at the Neptune Theater. The show is a benefit for the Angel Band Project which was created in the wake of Teresa’s death, and provides support for victims of sexual assault. Joining Jennifer will be Teresa’s Tony Award-winning brother Norbert Leo Butz as well as a super secret, very special guest not be publicized (probably Eddie Vedder, right?). Jennifer’s ability to forgive and move forward will inspire anyone who has faced a difficult challenge.


#432 Funny. Really Funny.

Comedian Caroline Rhea and Musician Daniel G Harmann


Sparks fly as Marty’s old one-afternoon love interest wades into the basement to wonder where things went wrong. Comedian Caroline Rhea (from Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and Marty met for the first time on a cloudy afternoon out in front of Safeco Field. Ever since they’ve wondered why it didn’t work. Today you get the answer. Come out and see Caroline perform at Laughs in Kirkland on Friday & Saturday, April 11, 12th. Two shows each night.



Central castings answer to a Portland hipster musician, Daniel G Harmann (from Seattle) arrives with the beautiful tunes, the beard, knit cap, but none of the pretentiousness of a Rose City rocker. He’ll perform live at the Showbox, April 17, 2014, and the Triple Door on April 21, 2014.


#431 4 years, 5 stars

Left Hand Smoke and our Four Year Anniversary

Four years ago this week a little podcast took off from humble beginnings in a West Seattle basement. Today that podcast, though still little, has grown into a much less humble one, still from a West Seattle basement. So yeah, there’s that anniversary .. but much more significant is the 20th anniversary of another dark Seattle moment, which has Marty appearing on media across the globe (a.k.a. Cincinnati and Portland).

Left Hand Smoke, who are averaging 1 PPY (podcast-per-year), join us for the 4th year revelry with a 4th performance. The conversation drifts to reminiscing about hair bands and hospital dramas. Obviously.

Left Hand Smoke play two shows tonight (April 4th) at the Triple Door in Seattle.


#430 A dynamic, suspenseful, action thriller

Filmmaker Nathan Williams and inspiring songstress Cami Lundeen

When you’re gearing up to direct your first full-length feature film you are in for quite an adventure. Find out what that really is like – from the funding challenges, to production – from NW filmmaker Nathan Williams. He’s in the final stages of crowdfunding ( his suspenseful thriller called “If there’s a Hell Below,” a film about whistleblowers, journalists and murder. It’s like it was pulled straight from today’s headlines. You can also see one of Nathan’s previous works, an emotional short called “The Dinner Table,” when it airs May 2, 2014 at 9PM on KCTS Channel 9 in Seattle.

Speaking of emotional … In 2010, Vashon native Cami Lundeen was diagnosed with an incurable liver condition. Struggling to cope, while raising and homeschooling 4 kids, she used songwriting as an emotional outlet. The results have been awe inspiring: a crowdsourced CD called “Run Free,” and a load of critically acclaimed live performances. You can catch Cami live at the Triple Door on April 11.


#429 The first man behind the 12th Man

Sports marketer/author Tim Turner and Seattle band NoRey

While many (including Texas A&M) may lay claim to the Seahawks 12th Man promotional campaign, we have found the man who legitimately started the movement. Tim Turner is a jack-of-many trades. Really, just about every trade. Among them coming up with insanely successful marketing campaigns. His latest, non-sports endeavor is an inspirational book called “Questions?”

And while we’ve always said music has no accent, Seattle 5-piece NoRey breaks that tradition. Their lead singer’s latin growl cuts through on the new CD “Untie Your Arms.” Come see NoRey perform live on Friday, March 28 at Conor Byrne.



#428 High on Pi (mainly high)

Al Olsen and the Dudley Manlove Quartet (Duet)

Marty explains the theory of pi (stay with us), and some shocking news about the man found last week alive in a body bag. Especially shocking to him.

NBC business editor Al Olson steps up to talk about the only business that matters in Washington these days – the marijuana trade. Al brings a satchel filled with product. No, not the weed itself but all the ancilliary industries and gadgets that are springing up to support the trade. Oh, and then Michael gets high.

Pot Products

Celebrating 19 years of Barry Manilow and Carpenters covers, the Dudley Manlove Quartet shares the ups and downs of being a cover band – but a highly, highly successful one.

Their 19th anniversary show has them teaming with the Seattle Rock Orchestra string quartet at Neumos tonight, March 14, 2014.


#427 Best wishes to our (insert adjective) listener

Ethan Anderson of Massy Ferguson

We find out today that Seattle is the 39th most diverse city in America, so we offer up a “diverse” mixture of topics. From legal/illegal upskirt photos to corporate wedding vows to horrifying news about guacamole, this show is three times as diverse as Detroit.

Squeezing in at the last minute with is two-year-old’s stolen guitar, the (insert adjective) Ethan Anderson of Massy Ferguson world premieres a new song showing his toddler how it’s done – you don’t jump up and down on the instrument!

Join Massy Ferguson at the Triple Door on March 21st.

Reason enough not to leave for Mars. Yet.


#426 Reading Harry Potter in Under 90 Minutes

Roots-pop singer songwriter Tae Phoenix

In our continuing efforts to find balance between the digital and the real world, we showcase a horrible new piece of technology called Spritz that will permit you – or force you – to read at 1,000 words per minute. Blink during Harry Potter and you’ll be, like, Voldermort who?

We follow that up with a heated debate about Big Bertha’s delays – or progress – depending on which side you’re on. And a twist in the Amanda Knox case will leave you wondering what happened to young love.

Finally, we conclude with a spectacular performance from roots-pop singer/songwriter Tae Phoenix. Her operatic influence shook the windows of the Moldy Basement as she performs two songs from her soon-to-be-released 2nd CD “Outside the Lines.” CD Release Party, April 24th at the Royal Room in Columbia City.

Tae Phoenix

#425 The All-Inclusive Podcast

Vacation tips from Mexico

A just-concluded, all-inclusive vacation to Mexico has Marty sharing stories about overeating, overdrinking, and being bent-over. Was it his eighth trip to the coleslaw bar that did him in?

Also, Marty’s flight down to Mexico aboard a brand new Russell Wilson-adorned Boeing 737-900 introduces a new approach to aviation safety. We’ll let comedian Richard Jeni explain it to you.

And Marty’s interaction with Seatac airport’s fierce, drug-sniffing beagle will help drug smugglers everywhere sneak past the cute little mutt. Feed the little guy already!

Next week, more live music and the guy who invented the 12th Man. See you then, we’ve gotta run. No seriously, we’re not feeling so well.


#424 Straight through the uprights

Seahawks kicker Norm Johnson and Fly Moon Royalty

Spoiler alert: the Seahawks win the Super Bowl this year. And the statewide celebration continues with our very special guest, former Seahawks kicker Norm Johnson. Big #9 gives us his unique perspective on the game and waves his 12 pound AFC Championship ring in our faces. Norm also brings a case of his latest business venture into the studio. That’s when we lose Michael …

Also “on tap” Seattle’s premier electro-soul duo, Fly Moon Royalty. They make their debut appearance on the show and wave THEIR AFC Championship rings in our faces. Dammit. Does everyone have one of these things!?

Vocalist/fast talker Adra Boo and DJ/Producer Mike Illvester bring a level of funk to the Moldy Basement not seen since Curt Warner and Kenny Easley were doing the Seahawks shuffle.