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#456 Ouagadougou

Red Jacket Mine and Brown Paper Tickets

Beware the Halloweed! That’s the message this Halloween day from the Denver police, who claim that hooligans are lacing Halloween candy with weed. Just another thing to be afraid of. That’s why we’re going “Trunk” or Treating, a new candy-gathering fad that seems even weirder than the traditional one.

Marty and crew discuss another new fad – expiring marriage licenses. That’s right, you have to re-up every 5 years in order to remain betrothed. Get ready to dial 1-800-Flowers a few times in year 4.

And then Marty is shocked to discover that the President of Burkina Faso has stepped down, vacating his palace in Ouagadougou. Is that the Ouagadougou that’s just outside Van Nuys? In other words, we are stunned by our geographical ignorance yet again.

Our musical guests today – straight from the Ozarks, we discover - Red Jacket Mine harkens back to the best of the 70s, 80s and more. We mean that as a compliment, so let’s just say 70s, early-80s and no more. Come see Red Jacket Mine celebrate the release of their fantastic new CD “Pure Delight” on November 15 at the High Dive in Fremont.

Can we get tickets to that through Brown Paper Tickets? Luckily we have Brown Paper Tickets CEO Steve “the butcher” Butcher of the Butcher Clan, to answer that and tell us how to minimize ticket service charges. Joining him is Jeff Leisawitz, who just produced a sweet ode to radio starring Marty Riemer and released by Brown Paper Ticket Films.



#455 Ebola becomes Ebowla

West Seattle Supergroup Into the Cold

Like wearing rented bowling shoes isn’t creepy enough, now we have to worry about Ebola festering in those stylish loafers. The latest doc to bring Ebola back to the U.S. was out bowling the night before he exhibited symptoms. But that’s the bad news, the good news is our old tunnel-boring friend Bertha has suffered another project setback. OK wait, that’s the bad news too. The good news is, a new portable fusion powered reactor has been invented by the scientists at Skunk Works. What the hell? Is that good news or bad news? Now, we’re baffled.

Let’s segue to something warmer. Last holiday season Apple debuted a popular ad for the iPhone which depicted a disenfranchised youth buried in his digital device, ignoring his family during holiday festivities. The keyboard player on that ad was none other than the piano player in Into the Cold, a West Seattle Supergroup that performs live on today’s show. Into the Cold is a haunting mix of Pink Floyd meets Black Sabbath with four female vocalists.

You can see the entire ensemble perform for free at West Seattle’s Feedback Lounge on November 1st.





#454 Transferring Funds Now

Bryan Seely, Ethical Hacker

It’s our first day back after a long two week hiatus and we come back promising never to take a break like that again … until we sign off for good at the end of the year. WHAT?!? Yes, Marty is returning to radio – ignore everything he said about the industry – and alas the podcast is in it’s waning days. But for now, we are strong.

Joining us today is the renowned, or is it notorious, ethical hacker Bryan Seely. This is the man that spied on the Secret Service, and then stepped up and admitted it. Had they not been hard drinking the night before at an Argentinian bar, they woulda been really mad. Bryan Seely has hacked Google Maps, the bank account of Mandeville, Louisiana, and a couple creepy guys who hang out at Starbucks for the free wifi. He happily shares his stories and provides tips for keeping your stuff safe. Wait, where’s our wallet?!


#453 It’s our 452nd Reunion Show

Author Joe Guppy and Ethan Anderson of Massy Ferguson

It’s the reunion show you never thought would happen, though it’s happened about 30 times this year alone.  Jodi Brothers joins the Marty Riemer Show.

Jodi and Marty answer a series of FAQ’s about their past and future broadcasting opportunities, missteps and lunatic co-workers.

Coincidentally, one of our guests today is a licensed psycho therapist  … and comedy writer.  Who better to help Marty and Jodi (but mainly Marty) cope with their demons?

Though that is not at all why, former Almost Live! Writer, Joe Guppy joins the podcast today.  He has published a compelling account of the time he spent in his early 20’s teetering on the edge of madness, and what it took to regain his balance.  “My Fluorescent God” is a charming, albeit scary, read about how close we all are (but mainly Marty) to falling into a psychotic abyss.

Finally, Seattle roots rockers Massy Ferguson, fresh back from a summer tour of the UK, have a new EP out.  Ethan Anderson, their front man, performs a couple of the new tunes.  Massy Ferguson will be part of the Macefield Music festivities in Ballard October 3rd and 4th.


#452 Life Lessons!

Almost Live's Nancy Guppy plus our Little Feat Tribute

Best show ever. Our green room is packed with talent this morning. I mean, real entertainers. Nancy Guppy, 10-year veteran of Almost Live! and now the host of Art Zone makes her debut appearance in the Moldy Basement. She coins the phrase “54!”, which isn’t so much as a phrase as her Tourette’s-fueled answer to so many questions.

Marty, who’s apparently part of a global community of women who are reinventing themselves, shares a list he uncovered of the top-5 life lessons every 30-year-old should know. This is a must hear segment! #clickbait

Followed by another must-hear, acclaimed guitarist Jeff Fielder, and Left Hand Smoke veteran Ronan O’Mahony step up to play tribute to one of their favorite bands, Little Feat. These two Seattle gems will be joined by a long list of Seattle notables, tonight, September 12, 2014, at the Columbia City Theater for “Get Yer Feat Wet.”



#451 Amazon is Killing Us

Sweet Kiss Momma and Michael's conspiracy theory

It may be our last sunny weekend of the year, and it coincides with the opening of the Puyallup Fair (renamed the Washington State Fair, because Puyallup wasn’t a draw) and joining us two young men raised on deep fried carnival goodness. Sweet Kiss Momma, who are not only playing the fair, they are performing at Chinook Fest in Naches the next weekend, Sept. 12-14.

But before we get to the live music we have some other topics to discuss. Marty’s theory that reclining an airline seat is rudeness. A woman who flipped out in the skies over Florida apparently agrees. Marty tells the story of the time he sat at Joan Rivers’s desk. And Michael’s theory that Amazon is out to crush the viral video we produced. Can you understand why?



#450 I Go Toilet In Your Mouth

Patsy Cline Tribute with Alessandra Rose and V. Contreras

It’s a show of stark contrasts. Compare the poetic intensity of Patsy Cline’s music, as interpreted by amazing vocalists V. Contreras and Alessandra Rose, with the “potty” talk uttered by an Indian phone scammer that Marty manages to capture on tape. One of them calls Marty an MF-er, guess which one?

This is the 8th year of the Sweet Dreams Patsy Cline tribute. This year’s show, September 6th and 7th at the Triple Door, features the aforementioned Alessandra Rose, V. Contreras, Star Anna, Jennifer Hopper and Kim Virant. Tickets are still available through

Also Marty’s dad pops for the Oxyclean laundry system as discussed ona previous podcast epsiode for Marty. After installation we’ll find out if – without detergent or warm water – Marty can still get the blood out.

Have a great Bumbershoot weekend!


#449 Challenge Accepted

Star Anna and a Bucket o' Ice

What? It’s really been only 50 years since the Beatles played Seattle. Seems like only “Yesterday.” Ha! Yesterday. That was a big Beatles song. Oh, how Marty loves to reminisce about the Beatles.

If there’s going to be reminiscing, we’ll do it with our musical guest Star Anna who makes her 678th appearance on the podcast. Poor girl. What makes it even worse, she fraternizes with these guys (or at least one of them) when she’s NOT on the show. You can fraternize with her from a distance this evening when she plays a free KEXP Mural Amphitheater concert, just a long and winding road away from the Coliseum where the Beatles played 50 years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play…  ENOUGH! Or you can have Star play you a private living room show by supporting her on .

Today’s show caps off with a very trendy bucket of ice on Marty and Michael’s heads to support ALS research. If you really want to support the ALS Association, don’t take the Challenge and actually make a donation.






#448 Just a Burning Pile by the Side of the Road

Vaudeville Etiquette and Off-Roaders Team Quilomene

If your highly-rated show is ever taken off the air, come by ours and shout loudly until someone re-hires you (was that you, Jodi?). We have uncovered numerous musical gems in the history of the podcast, but none of them have rocked the Wazookle like Vaudeville Etiquette.

If you must, fast forward past the first 15 minutes of Marty reliving the opening of the Panama Canal while being berated by his former radio partner, and get right to the tunage. Vaudeville Etiquette is a 5-piece “boot-stompin’ ever-lovin’ rag tag group of rascals.” We didn’t coin the phrase, but dang nabbit, it fits. You can catch them live at Chinook Fest in Naches, September 13, 2014, or tonight at The Columbia City Theater.

Speaking of the hinterlands, we also meet Amy and Naomi who are preparing to embark on their first ever all-women’s, off-road rally in the deserts of Morocco. Nine days, all sand, French maps, no men. Sounds nice. Help them fund their amazing adventure, sponsor their ride by going to


#447 No Skidoo for you!

Bradford Loomis and Beth Whitney

In a week that was riddled with bad news – war, disease, Lady Gaga in Seattle – we try to lighten the burden with our exclusive Ebola update. Turns out last week’s show may have been a little too upbeat about our prospects. This week we set the record straight. Suffice to say, don’t touch anything or anyone.

Our guests today, the lovely duo of Bradford Loomis and Beth Whitney, in promoting their appearance accidentally directed their fans to instead of . Figuratively, it’s the same thing. And as you’ll discover, much of this show is better suited for the former than the latter url. Why didn’t Marty win that Skidoo!?!?!? Why???

Beth and Bradford have a wonderful – too short – new CD out called The Banner Days. Celebrate the release with a Seattle Living Room Show
on August 23rd and find out more about the new music at .