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Yaz’s News Update

Silly News Update 5/20/2011

This Is What You Need In Case Of Zombie Attack

Disasters can come without warning. And unnatural zombie Armageddons can be even more surprising. Are you ready? The Centers for Disease Control is and is giving you a leg up.

That’s right. The CDC has deemed zombies a national health hazard and wants you to be ready with this handy-dandy preparedness kit. Released just this week, this tongue-and-cheek run down gives you tips on what to stock during a death-watch lockdown, what their response will be should the moaners come roaming, and how quarantine protects the population.

Are You Ready?
The CDC warns us to get a kit, make a plan, and be prepared. Sound advice for any natural disaster – paranormal or otherwise. And just in case you are still feeling unprepared, check out our first aid advice on cuts, bite wounds, infectious disease transmissions and what goes into an emergency preparedness kit.


Silly News Update 5/19/2011

He is really "Lonvi' it"!

A Wisconsin man downed his 25,000th Big Mac on the 39th anniversary of the first time he ordered McDonald’s signature sandwich.

Don Gorske reached his milestone at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday while a cheering crowd and about eight television cameras looked on Tuesday.

The 57-year-old, Don Gorske said he ate nine on May 17, 1972 and has only missed nine days since. He typically eats two Big Macs per day.

Dave Rause, owner of the McDonald’s, said he is glad to have Gorske as a regular customer.

“As a business, we’re exceptionally lucky to have a customer like Don,” Rause said. “He’s just an exceptional guy and a sweet, sweet man. He’s also a Big Mac enthusiast. When you have a customer who’s enthusiastic about your product, it’s a great thing.”

Don Gerske jokes that 25,000 is a milestone because people didn’t think he’d live this long. But he says he recently saw a doctor who said he was in good health and his cholesterol is low.


Silly News Update 5/18/2011

Burglar Found In Bedroom, Pretending To Be Asleep

A naked Penn State student, David Darr, 20,  broke into a woman’s house and then pretended to be snoozing in her bed when cops busted him, police said.

Northern York County regional police said they received a 911 called at 3:43 a.m.

“I jumped out of bed and screamed ‘Who are you?’ He didn’t say anything,” the woman, who didn’t give her name.

When police arrived, they hustled the woman’s young son out of his bedroom before confronting Darr, who was in another bedroom, totally nude and pretending to be asleep under the covers.

His clothes, wallet and cell phone were next to the bed, the police said, and he initially tried to act like he lived there.

“This is weird,” the woman said. “I keep thinking, ‘Why did he lay down in bed naked?'”

(CBS 21)

Silly News Update 5/17/2011

Seattle is No. 93!

Do you find it romantic when people kiss in public? Or do you cringe at a couple making a scene when they smooch? wanted to uncover who is most comfortable with PDA – Public Displays of Affection – across the country.

“PDA is more than just public passion; it is a highly visible social signal telling others who belongs to whom,” says Dr. Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist and chief scientific advisor to

Seattle’s comfort level regarding PDAs ranks No. 93 out of 100 American cities.

Honolulu, Hawaii says aloha to the title of “most comfortable with PDA” city, and Ft. Meyers, Florida turns its head away as the least comfortable city.

“The cities most comfortable with PDA have a preponderance of the personality types Negotiators (expressive of the estrogen system in the brain) and Builders (expressive of serotonin).

These individuals are naturally predisposed to showing their affection,” Dr. Fisher says. Below is the full list of the top & bottom 10 cities with the most singles on who say they are a-ok with romantic friendliness in front of others.

Click chart for large image


Silly News Update 5/16/2011

Sonic Worker Shoves Co-Worker Into Oven

A Sonic worker is facing charges of assault and battery after Oklahoma City police said he pushed a co-worker into an oven.

Police said 22-year-old Jordan Jackson was fighting with another employee about a specific order at the switchboard when he shoved the worker into an oven.

The victim had no visible injuries, according to the police report released on Thursday.

The co-worker got a call from his lawyer who told him that he needed to press charges to protect his job, according to the police report.

Jordan was arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County jail on Tuesday.


Silly News Update 5/13/2011

What's Up with Men in Batman Costume?

I reported Batman Silly News Update yesterday.  Here is another one for you.

It wasn’t Batman versus the Joker in Sin City. And it looks like Batman got the worst of it

Las Vegas police say a man in a Batman costume was body slammed after getting into a fight with another man on the Strip.

A video of the dust-up is posted on YouTube.

Police say they’re not sure what started the fight but it looks like Batman throws the first punch. Neither man has filed a police report.


Silly News Update 5/12/2011

"Batman" Arrested On Michigan Rooftop

Holy trespassing, Batman!

A 31-year-old man dressed as the comic book Caped Crusader was arrested Wednesday in Petoskey after he was seen hanging from the top wall of a downtown business.

Officers went up on the roof about 12:40 a.m. and pulled the 31-year-old man back onto the building.

Public Safety Director John Calabrese says he believes the man “enjoys doing this.”

Officers confiscated a baton-like weapon, a can of chemical irritant spray and lead-lined gloves.

The Harbor Springs man is awaiting arraignment on charges of trespassing and possession of a dangerous weapon.  He’s being held in the Emmet County jail.

Petoskey is in Michigan’s northern Lower Peninsula, about 225 miles northwest of Detroit.

(Petoskye News)

Silly News Update 5/11/2011

Privacy Please!!

A home about to be auctioned in Maryland has virtually no walls, just windows.

The house has floor-to-ceiling glass walls and overlooks a river and a bay.  The 9,700-square-foot house has a volleyball court, putting green and swimming pool on the property.

The glass house was built in Pasadena more than 20 years ago and has river and bay views along with 9,700 square feet of space on over three acres.

The home was scheduled to be auctioned off on Friday, but the sale has now been moved to June 3.  The suggested opening bid for the property: $3.5 million.

(The Capital)

Silly News Update 5/10/2011

It is more than "AWESOME"

Some guys have all the luck. And Jody Massengale is one of them.

He’s hit another big Florida Lottery jackpot, this time worth $10 million.

Massengale’s latest win follows a $3 million jackpot about six months ago.

Massengale says it’s “awesome” to win twice.

Lottery officials say the Panhandle-area man has opted to take the one-time, lump-sum payment of six and a half million.

The pay-out comes in the Billion Dollar Blockbuster scratch-off game. Tickets are 20 bucks apiece.

(Panama City News Herald)

Silly News Update 5/09/2011

Seven Feet Under

It took 60 rescuers two hours to free a member of the Austrian Olympic swim team who was buried in sand up to his neck on Florida’s Pompano Beach.

Authorities say the 19-year-old had spent much of Sunday digging a hole that was 7 feet deep and 6 feet across. Around 7 p.m., the man, whose name was not released, jumped into the hole as a joke and sand collapsed around him.

Pompano Beach Fire-Rescue spokeswoman Sandra King says the man was in danger of being crushed by the pressure from the sand. He was freed about 9 p.m. and taken to a hospital. His condition was unknown.

King said the Austrian Olympic team has been training in South Florida since April. Sunday was an off day for team members.

(ABC News)