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Make it an Aqua Quip Winter

Support our #1 Podcast Sponsor

We are extremely grateful to the folks at Aqua Quip for underwriting the live musical performances on the Marty Riemer Show podcast.  Aqua Quip has helped us bring some warmth into the Moldy Basement.  Our performers are grateful.

As Seattle’s short summer turns to fall and winter, consider installing a high-efficiency gas fireplace from Aqua Quip.

We have four in our house (I know, we may have gone a little crazy) and love them for the look, their ease of operation and the zone heating they provide.  Why heat the whole house when you’re working in the basement the whole time?

Click on the graphic below for a special Marty Riemer Show offer from Aqua Quip.  Thank you!

Funny Festival


Have you ever seen your pillow without the cover?  It looks like a bandage from the civil war.

-Tom Papa

Tom Papa has toured with Jerry Seinfeld for nearly a decade, and once you see him it’s easy to understand why.  Like Seinfeld, Papa has mastered the art of clean, observational humor.  He was personally chosen by Seinfeld to host NBC’s “The Marriage Ref,” and is a regular on late night television from “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” to the “Late Show with David Letterman.”  As an actor, Papa starred opposite Matt Damon in the Soderbergh film, “The Informant.”

The only reason grapefruit was even invented is because God wanted something to compare a tumor to.

-Gary Gulman

Gary Gulman’s humor is unique, clever and highly entertaining. His material focuses on questioning the absurdities of everyday life.  Why the nine-minute alarm snooze button?  Why does the walrus sport a mustache?  A strapping 6’6”, Gulman was a finalist on both Seasons 2 and 3 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing and should have won both times.  (We’re just saying.)

10% of kids in NY schools couldn’t point out Canada on a map. And, it was a map of Canada.  One kid pointed at his shoe.

-Dan Naturman

Dan Naturman’s charming, self-deprecating style has made him a hit with comedy club audiences across the country. If ever there were a Groucho Marx of this century, Naturman would be the closest thing.

Best Local Radio Personality

We are #2!!

Thanks everyone for voting us.
We are second place of King 5 Evening Magazine Best of Western Washington “Best Local Radio Personality”.
This is King 5’s Evening Magazine clip for people who missed last night.

We have a new mixing Board!

Bad sound? It is Marty's Fault!

We have a new mixing board for the podcast!!

This is a picture of the board.

Now, if you hear any bad sounds, it’s not the board it’s the guy operating it.

Hootenanny 2010 Photos

What a night!  On July 28th, 2010, about 150 Marty Riemer Show listeners gathered outside the podcast studio – in the backyard, next to the swingset, to celebrate the first ever Marty Riemer Show Hootenanny featuring live, acoustic performances from:

Kristen Ward
Camille Bloom
Thomas Starks
Daniel Kamas
And Special Guest, LeRoy Bell.

Here are some photos from the evening courtesy of photographer Johnny Miller.

2010 Hootennay Recap

The Marty Riemer Show Backyard Hootenanny

By all measures the first The Marty Riemer Show Hootenanny was a raging success.  The artists were magnificent, the food from the soon-to-open West Seattle Wing Dome fantastic, the police and/or Marty’s overactive Block Watch didn’t interfere, and the crowd was jubilant. (Click photo below for more images courtesy Johnny Miller)

Hootenanny 2010:  LeRoy Bell, Thomas Starks, Kristen Ward, Marty Riemer, Jodi Brothers, Camille Bloom and Daniel Kamas

That’s how we judged the party, but you can decide for yourself.  A complete, unedited recoding of the entire Hootenanny divided into performances by Thomas Starks, Daniel Kamas, Ian McFeron, LeRoy Bell, Camille Bloom and Kristen Ward (in that order) is available RIGHT HERE.

In addition to the artists, we would like to thank the West Seattle Wing Dome, 96.5 JACK-FM, Honey Buckets, Terry Morgan Sound, Simone Bouterse, Sarah Liberator, Amy Cronin, Eryn Pate, Mark Goodnow, Johnny Miller and you.

Wait, what did you do again?

Watch the WEBcast Hootenanny Part 1 Thomas Starks
Watch the WEBcast Hootenanny Part 2 Daniel Kamas
Watch the WEBcast Hootenanny Part 3 LeRoy Bell
Watch the WEBcast Hootenanny Part 4 Camille Bloom
Watch the WEBcast Hootenanny Part 5 Kristen Ward

Dyson Vacuum cord

Can Marty fix this?

This is the photo of Jodi’s “perfectly fine broken Dyson vacuum”.

Do you think Marty can fix this by electric tapes?

Please leave your opinion on the comment section.

We have the official MUG!!

The Marty Riemer Show "Mug Shot"

Here’s a fun game. Compare our new “mug shot” with the mug shot of a drunken and disheveled Nick Nolte. Which would you rather have in your kitchen?

Well, sorry Nick Nolte doesn’t want to be in you kitchen. BUT OUR NEW MUGS DO!

Collector Marty Riemer Show mugs – which will look awesome next to your KFC NASCAR collector plate set – will be on sale at The Marty Riemer Show Hootenanny ($15 each).  Any remaining unsold mugs will be made available online following the party.

Thanks for your support.  And now enjoy alternate mug shot angles.

Mug Shot Side

Mug Shot Back

Back to the business of podcasting

Playtime is over ... or maybe its just begun!

Summer vacation is OVER.  We know because it’s supposed to be 90 degrees today, Wednesday, July 11th.

While we were off it drizzled off and on every day.  Now that we’re holed up in the basement, hottest days of the year.  But there’s no place we’d rather be as the podcast returns.  Besides basements are nature’s air conditioner!

Joining us on our triumphant return this morning the soulful Leroy Bell playing songs from his forthcoming new release TRACES.  See you at 9:30AM.

West Seattle Herald Article

Podcast gets local press

Reporter Patrick Robinson from The West Seattle Herald stopped by the PODcast last week and did a cool write-up on the show.

“When West Seattle’s Marty Riemer went to work one day at 103.7 FM KMTT last September he thought something might be brewing. “They hadn’t been talking to me, even though my contract … “ READ MORE