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marty-pulls-shadesMarty Riemer is that rare broadcaster who has spent his entire career – thirty plus years – in one market, the best market, Seattle WA. Having started in radio at the ripe age of 13, he went on to host shows at some of the city’s greatest radio properties from KZOK, KJR to KXRX and lastly The Mountain – so good, he went there twice, or was fired once, whichever way you want to look at it.

It was that firing in 2009 that began Marty thinking (before 2009, not so much thinking going on) that with a few microphones, a hearty internet connection and some devoted friends he could create radio-like magic from his moldy basement.  Just don’t ask him, “How do you get paid doing this?” It’s not pretty.

TuxesTailsforAboutAmazing live music, comedy, a little foul language, local and national luminaries and a thoroughly Seattle-centric point of view (i.e. we dump on Spokane) provide a foundation for this enjoyable weekly romp.

You can participate live every Friday morning at 9:30AM Pacific Time with our webcast, or watch/listen at your leisure to the podcast.

Without you it’s just a guy in his basement for no reason.