El Gaucho's pianist Paul Richardson

Second to last. One more and we’re out. The end is nigh. Get the idea?

At this point, like any last semester graduating senior you’d think we’d be calling it in… but no. Like NASA we are continuing to push new boundaries and boldly going where people have … well, gone before.

Yes, NASA launched a rocket into outer space and that has the internets reeling. In outer space? You mean where the Soviets sent a dog back in the 50’s, that outer space?!?! The hell you say.

Also, the show goes on a weird tangent – also something we’ve been doing since the 50’s – where we discuss the solution to homelessness being as simple as a pair of pleated pants. It makes total sense.

With us for the wild ride today, and contributing his own theories on homelessness and Power Ball winners from Auburn, El Gaucho’s piano man Paul Richardson. Paul, his legendary left hand, and his Barry White baritone, improvises his way through holiday classics (sorry Michael), Elton john tunes (sorry Michael) and a Biggie Smalls classic (sorry Isley Brothers).