Author Lynn Brunelle and Guitarist Jeff Fielder

With only one month left before the podcast is laid to rest, Marty tries to rally the troops to discuss a wide-range of topics, but to no avail. And these are hot-button, get out the vote topics. Like a sandwich shop that closed down in Seattle! Or a comb left behind by last week’s celebrity guest. Or Seattle getting confused with Detroit. Hello? Anyone!?!? I go toilet in your mouth! (That phrase did wake up the panel.)

Joining us today for the discussion to follow our non-discussion was author and Emmy Award-winning writer Lynn Brunelle. Known for her work on Bill Nye the Science Guy and her best selling book “Pop Bottle Science,” Lynn stumps our group with a series of enjoyable science experiments. Her new book “Mama Gone Geek,” is all about how she uses her love of science to navigate the ups and downs of parenthood.

Finally, our old friend Jeff Fielder is back. One of the most sought after hired gun guitarists in Seattle, but this time he refuses to perform in someone’s shadow. Next Thursday, November 20th, Jeff will headline a show of his own at the Triple Door. Jeff and friends, including Ian Moore and Jen Ayer, will collaborate on some of the bluegrass nuggets that he himself has concocted.

P.S. We will be off for the next two weeks for Thanksgiving vacation. See you on December 5th!