West Seattle Supergroup Into the Cold

Like wearing rented bowling shoes isn’t creepy enough, now we have to worry about Ebola festering in those stylish loafers. The latest doc to bring Ebola back to the U.S. was out bowling the night before he exhibited symptoms. But that’s the bad news, the good news is our old tunnel-boring friend Bertha has suffered another project setback. OK wait, that’s the bad news too. The good news is, a new portable fusion powered reactor has been invented by the scientists at Skunk Works. What the hell? Is that good news or bad news? Now, we’re baffled.

Let’s segue to something warmer. Last holiday season Apple debuted a popular ad for the iPhone which depicted a disenfranchised youth buried in his digital device, ignoring his family during holiday festivities. The keyboard player on that ad was none other than the piano player in Into the Cold, a West Seattle Supergroup that performs live on today’s show. Into the Cold is a haunting mix of Pink Floyd meets Black Sabbath with four female vocalists.

You can see the entire ensemble perform for free at West Seattle’s Feedback Lounge on November 1st.