Bryan Seely, Ethical Hacker

It’s our first day back after a long two week hiatus and we come back promising never to take a break like that again … until we sign off for good at the end of the year. WHAT?!? Yes, Marty is returning to radio – ignore everything he said about the industry – and alas the podcast is in it’s waning days. But for now, we are strong.

Joining us today is the renowned, or is it notorious, ethical hacker Bryan Seely. This is the man that spied on the Secret Service, and then stepped up and admitted it. Had they not been hard drinking the night before at an Argentinian bar, they woulda been really mad. Bryan Seely has hacked Google Maps, the bank account of Mandeville, Louisiana, and a couple creepy guys who hang out at Starbucks for the free wifi. He happily shares his stories and provides tips for keeping your stuff safe. Wait, where’s our wallet?!