Author Joe Guppy and Ethan Anderson of Massy Ferguson

It’s the reunion show you never thought would happen, though it’s happened about 30 times this year alone.  Jodi Brothers joins the Marty Riemer Show.

Jodi and Marty answer a series of FAQ’s about their past and future broadcasting opportunities, missteps and lunatic co-workers.

Coincidentally, one of our guests today is a licensed psycho therapist  … and comedy writer.  Who better to help Marty and Jodi (but mainly Marty) cope with their demons?

Though that is not at all why, former Almost Live! Writer, Joe Guppy joins the podcast today.  He has published a compelling account of the time he spent in his early 20’s teetering on the edge of madness, and what it took to regain his balance.  “My Fluorescent God” is a charming, albeit scary, read about how close we all are (but mainly Marty) to falling into a psychotic abyss.

Finally, Seattle roots rockers Massy Ferguson, fresh back from a summer tour of the UK, have a new EP out.  Ethan Anderson, their front man, performs a couple of the new tunes.  Massy Ferguson will be part of the Macefield Music festivities in Ballard October 3rd and 4th.