Almost Live's Nancy Guppy plus our Little Feat Tribute

Best show ever. Our green room is packed with talent this morning. I mean, real entertainers. Nancy Guppy, 10-year veteran of Almost Live! and now the host of Art Zone makes her debut appearance in the Moldy Basement. She coins the phrase “54!”, which isn’t so much as a phrase as her Tourette’s-fueled answer to so many questions.

Marty, who’s apparently part of a global community of women who are reinventing themselves, shares a list he uncovered of the top-5 life lessons every 30-year-old should know. This is a must hear segment! #clickbait

Followed by another must-hear, acclaimed guitarist Jeff Fielder, and Left Hand Smoke veteran Ronan O’Mahony step up to play tribute to one of their favorite bands, Little Feat. These two Seattle gems will be joined by a long list of Seattle notables, tonight, September 12, 2014, at the Columbia City Theater for “Get Yer Feat Wet.”