Patsy Cline Tribute with Alessandra Rose and V. Contreras

It’s a show of stark contrasts. Compare the poetic intensity of Patsy Cline’s music, as interpreted by amazing vocalists V. Contreras and Alessandra Rose, with the “potty” talk uttered by an Indian phone scammer that Marty manages to capture on tape. One of them calls Marty an MF-er, guess which one?

This is the 8th year of the Sweet Dreams Patsy Cline tribute. This year’s show, September 6th and 7th at the Triple Door, features the aforementioned Alessandra Rose, V. Contreras, Star Anna, Jennifer Hopper and Kim Virant. Tickets are still available through

Also Marty’s dad pops for the Oxyclean laundry system as discussed ona previous podcast epsiode for Marty. After installation we’ll find out if – without detergent or warm water – Marty can still get the blood out.

Have a great Bumbershoot weekend!