Star Anna and a Bucket o' Ice

What? It’s really been only 50 years since the Beatles played Seattle. Seems like only “Yesterday.” Ha! Yesterday. That was a big Beatles song. Oh, how Marty loves to reminisce about the Beatles.

If there’s going to be reminiscing, we’ll do it with our musical guest Star Anna who makes her 678th appearance on the podcast. Poor girl. What makes it even worse, she fraternizes with these guys (or at least one of them) when she’s NOT on the show. You can fraternize with her from a distance this evening when she plays a free KEXP Mural Amphitheater concert, just a long and winding road away from the Coliseum where the Beatles played 50 years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play…  ENOUGH! Or you can have Star play you a private living room show by supporting her on .

Today’s show caps off with a very trendy bucket of ice on Marty and Michael’s heads to support ALS research. If you really want to support the ALS Association, don’t take the Challenge and actually make a donation.