Bradford Loomis and Beth Whitney

In a week that was riddled with bad news – war, disease, Lady Gaga in Seattle – we try to lighten the burden with our exclusive Ebola update. Turns out last week’s show may have been a little too upbeat about our prospects. This week we set the record straight. Suffice to say, don’t touch anything or anyone.

Our guests today, the lovely duo of Bradford Loomis and Beth Whitney, in promoting their appearance accidentally directed their fans to instead of . Figuratively, it’s the same thing. And as you’ll discover, much of this show is better suited for the former than the latter url. Why didn’t Marty win that Skidoo!?!?!? Why???

Beth and Bradford have a wonderful – too short – new CD out called The Banner Days. Celebrate the release with a Seattle Living Room Show
on August 23rd and find out more about the new music at .