Rafe Pearlman

What do Ebola, a giant river otter and Bob Rivers retirement from Seattle radio have to do with a sensitive, spiritual, magnificent crooner?

Not a thing! And that’s where the problems with this show begin. Sure, we dig into radio’s continued demise. Sure, Marty tries to calm the public by describing the actual mode of transmission for Ebola. Sure, a giant river otter is on the loose in Snohomish County. But how to transition from that littany of non-sequitors to a stunning performance from a man that a media kingpin once hailed as “Wow. That’s beautiful. Spectacular. What a find.”

Well, it’s worth listening to this episode to find out how we tie it all together into one tidy get-out-of-jail drone-delivered package.

Rafe Pearlman, Jonathan Plum and special guests will perform a one-of-a-kind Triple Door show on August 20, 2014. And Rafe Pearlman and Jonathan Plum’s CD Dust & Gold is also definitely worth a listen!