Ian Moore & Friends

Hey, look who’s on the cover of  The Seattle Weekly this week! It’s that guy who co-hosts the podcast, whose name we can never remember. Speaking of people who should remain nameless, someone crashed a drone into Seattle’s Space Needle this week. While everyone thinks it was Marty, he has a legitimate, and equally disturbing, excuse for why he is not responsible #landscapedestruction.

But our stories this week pale in comparison to those accumulated by our musical guest. Ian Moore, who cut his teeth in Austin and now lives on Vashon Island, has played with the Stones and Dylan. He has witnessed firsthand Keith Richard’s drunken sideways crab walk and even does a little demo on the show. But it’s Ian’s live demonstration that is a must-hear. Ian plays two songs accompanied by our old friend V. Contreras and acclaimed steel guitar player John Rauhouse. The second of Ian’s two songs does a number on the women.

Join Ian Moore and Friends for a big birthday celebration on Saturday, August 2nd at the wonderful Triple Door.