Tai Shan and our Victoria tirade

Just for listening to this podcast, you will be receiving 3 credits from Arizona State University. Or some other school in Arizona – they’re online credits so it doesn’t matter. Or does it? We have a lively discussion about Starbucks “generous” new program that offers a free online education to its employees.

Smells a little foul to us. Or maybe that’s just Victoria, B.C. wafting our way. Seriously, you guys need to clean up your s&^%.

And T-Mobile’s unapologetic CEO has to apologize (so, scratch that unapologetic part) for having used the “r” word. That sparks a discussion about language, intent, political correctness and being a slow drummer.

Seattle artist, teacher, improv-musician Tai Shawn closes out today’s episode of the “Seattle’s longest running music show” (that’s us by the way, not Casey Kasem .. R.I.P.). Tai’s splendid voice can be heard echoing through the alley’s of the Pike Place Market as she has a standing gig at the Can Can there, her next appearance on Tuesday, June 24th.

Happy summer solstice!

Tai Shan 06-20-2014