Mikey and Matty and a Jean Enersen Career Recap

It’s Friday the 13th, there’s a full (honey) moon, we may be at war with Iraq again and Jean Enerson retires. That is a bucket full of foreboding, but we venture bravely ahead tackling the issues of the day.

We review Seattle anchorwoman Jean Enersen’s long (since 1968!!) and lovely career. Well, we tend to focus on one rumor that we’re not even sure is true. Just like Google does when you type in her name.

We share a statistic from China that will blow your mind. And we report on a high-flying, Seattle music startup called Lively that appears to be faltering, either because they’ve lost funding or because “all our stuff was stolen, dude.”

It was the latter excuse that was given to our talented brotherly duo, Mikey and Matty, for why their appearance at Lively was canceled this week. Lively’s loss, our gain. Mikey and Matty, who previously played the Moldy Basement in their band Curtains for You, have now stripped it down to just the two. And wow. Their sweet harmonies will remind you of the Everly Brothers – especially when they start playing an Everly Brothers song. You can see Mikey and Matty play the Timber Outdoor Music Festival July 24-26th.

Oh, and as a follow-up to last week’s show, we do a live, group-sample of Marty’s biology experiment, a.k.a. his Kombucha brew. If we miss next week’s show, you know what happened: Poisoned by the ‘buch.