Singer-songwriter Kye Alfred Hillig

The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun … is a kid with pepper spray. While discussing guns in this country seems an utter waste of time (i.e. about 5 minutes of this show were wasted), Michael has a simple solution. Donate $25 and be done with it.

Marty has a new – and utterly disgusting – science experiment growing in the Moldy Basement, and ironically it involves mold. The good kind. Given a homebrew Kombucha kit by his wife, Marty is all in, and tries to lure his guest into sampling the stringy, lumpy, brown liquid which appears to be home to a dead jellyfish. Mmm Kombucha.

Finally, we should have spent less time discussing the internet’s attraction to farts and more time with our amazing singer-songwriter guest, Kye Alfred Hillig. That’s Kye NOT Kyle, dummy. And by dummy, we mean Marty. Ky performs two songs that will quiet down even the most unruly audience; and if the music doesn’t grab you Kye will (by the throat).