V. Contreras and Seattle supergroup The Guessing Game

One week after Record Store Day the Marty Riemer Show podcast gives you two more reasons to buy a freaking disc – and it doesn’t even have to be vinyl. Our Spring Music Showcase highlights two new releases from Seattle artists.

First, Seattle supergroup (it’s our answer to Asia) The Guessing Game teams musicians from BRAD and Satchel to Duff McKagan’s Loaded into a powder keg of talent. They dress in black – even when they’re mowing the lawn, bitches. Their debut CD Holy Crow is available at the record store, or you can attend the official release party May 9 at the Sunset Tavern.

We follow that up with the long-awaited debut release from V. Contreras. “Releasing a CD is like giving birth,” says Contreras. Finally a comparison that Marty and Michael can relate to! Pick up a copy of V. Contreras’s CD at a record store.