Gilbert Gottfried and Daniel Kirkpatrick

In one of the most raucous shows we’ve ever done, the hilarious Gilbert Gottfried discusses getting fired as the AFLAC duck and then goes completely off the rails ridiculing Marty about the time they first met at a Joni Mitchell show. It was the time Cheryl Ladd didn’t come down … (it’ll make sense when you listen). It’s quite likely Gilbert will still be railing when he takes the stage at the Tacoma Comedy Club tonight and tomorrow night (GET TICKETS).

Poor Daniel Kirkpatrick. He had to actually push past a ranting Gottfried to get to a microphone in order to play tunes from his brand new record Alibis, which is being celebrated on Saturday, January 25th at Neumos. Get tickets for Daniel Kirkpatrick and the Bayonettes HERE.

See you Sunday for a special non-Super Bowl edition of the podcast with special guest Kim Richey performing!