Red Jacket Mine

On today’s podcast we recap our visit to the Issaquah High School campus for the Tech Timeout campaign that kicked off this week. Various fun – and some painful – observations ensue, like how the City of Issaquah funds education. We all contributed, Marty twice.

Michael uses some of his new found media savvy from this week’s satellite media tour tutorial to answer a controversial question about the Pope. While Marty addresses his sagging dorsal fin.

And this week we’re joined by Marty’s new buddies who he spent New Year’s Eve with, Red Jacket Mine. A band that takes its influences from just before music started to suck.

See Red Jacket Mine play the Uncle Tupelo tribute show (and not play any Uncle Tupelo) on January 30th at the Tractor Tavern (star Anna will also be there, so Michael approves).