Director Lydia Smith and (Fabulous) Musician Camille Bloom

Let’s meet the woman who made a film that crushes our film at every single film festival – and the worst part: she deserves it! Lydia Smith, director of “Walking the Camino,” is not only an amazing filmaker, but has found an innovative way to market her documentary – and sell out theaters all over the country. “Walking the Camino” – and Lydia – hit town February 7th in a souped up RV for a limited run at the SIFF Uptown Cinema. Money-back guarentee from Marty!

Oh, and Camille Bloom is here. Sorry – THE INCREDIBLY TALENTED Camille Bloom shares wild stories from her house parties (Snicker-Salads in Arizona!) and performs a song we’ll no doubt steal for part 2 of “Sleeping with Siri.”

See the wonderful Camille Bloom at her EP release party at the Columbia City Theater on Jan. 18th.

Oh, and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll makes a cameo appearance on the podcast. Yeah, there’s that.