Levi Ware and the Melodic Caring Project

Whatever New Year’s resolutions we may have made to improve ourselves will still leave us wanting when compared to today’s guest. Levi Ware, who with his wife founded the Melodic Caring Project for gravely ill children, stops in to plug their upcoming auction and gala and play two lovely tunes.

Unfortunately in the midst of such a joyous, sweet message the show takes numerous detours into questionable territory: boring machines blocked by dead pioneer debris, more swipes at Eastern Washington, and face transplants. Sign up today to have a chance at wearing Marty’s mug!

The “Raise a Record” Gala Dinner and Auction is Feb. 8th. For tickets, go to melodiccaringproject.org

Best show of 2014, without a doubt! So far.

This image, which shows what it would look like if Marty were to inherit Levi’s face, totally creeps us out.  More than Marty’s face on its own, which is saying something.