Portland's amazing Moody Little Sister

What? How did Macklemore come and go – three sold out show, no less – and we missed them all? It’s not like people who went didn’t let us know with incessant selfies. We have a theory about Macklemore fans, and we share it on the show.

We also offer more proof that God loves irony. Hey, his (or her) favorite artist is Alanis afterall.

And we steal one of Portland’s amazing musical treasures – Moody Little Sister – for a brillaint folk set this morning. Moody Little Sister, you should know, is made up of Naomi Hooley and Rob Stoup. She is from Alaska, he from Oregon. So, it makes sense they meet here in Seattle with us. Take a listen to these two, you will likey, and want to take a selfie of yourself at their next show to prove your hipness.