Tommy Johnagin, Conrad Denke, Seattle's Something in the Trees

Despite Washington State’s ranking as the state that is least sweariest, we’ve discovered the only way people pay attention to us is if we swear more. Darn it!

And it turns out we love Paul Allen for his looks, not his money.

Our favorite comedian Tommy Johnagin re-joins the podcast (when will he learn?) to celebrate his girlfriend’s 40th birthday today, or tomorrow or whenever her birthday is. She’s ancient.

A new show debuts on KSTW Channel 11 tomorrow night, and every Saturday night at 11PM, Band in Seattle. It puts a spotlight on Seattle’s endless lineup of talented bands (damn, why didn’t we come up with that idea?!). Conrad Denke, the creator of Band in Seattle joins us, as does one of the bands being showcased – Something in the Trees.

You can see Something in the Trees’ psychedlic set on Band in Seattle, January 18th or catch them live at the Blue Moon Tavern December 14, 2013.