Musician Bradford Loomis, Psy Ops specialist Matt Johnson and an 8-foot Sturgeon

O brother, where art though Bradford Loomis? On today’s podcast, which we humbly submit as THE BEST PODCAST EVER!


Prior to hearing from Americana traditionalist Bradford Loomis, we get a first hand account of what it takes to build a radio audience in Afghanistan. Hint: play lots of “jingle jangle” and let the ladies call in. Taliban Tessie on line 2.


Despite the sour economy, Marty is doling out hundreds to anyone who shows up at his door with a rubber mallet and a can of sea green spray paint.

Finally the show wraps up with a stellar musical performance from Mr. Loomis and his backup singer du jour, Sarah Gerritsen, who play the Tractor Tavern tonight, Friday, August 9, 2013. Either come see them live or check out