Most enchanting music of the year

Look at that show number: 400! And we’re still paying our staff below minimum wage – suck it SeaTac!

Seafair Week and, though the A-List Blue Angels have been grounded due to sequestration, a bunch of civilian dudes and the Czech Airforce are stepping up with their infamous “Tail Slide” maneuver to wow Lake Washington crowds. Duck! Commander Wee Too Low in charge.

Also, Marty steps up to defend bulbous objects filled with brain matter.

And though it’s episode 400 and everything is downhill from here … before the slide begins we unveil some of the most enchanting performers we have yet to host in the Moldy Basement. Rafe Pearlman, Jonathan Plum and Co. perform three amazing songs from their debut CD “Dust & Gold.” They even brought their own green room treats from Louisa’s Cafe & Bakery on Eastlake.

We encourage you to see Rafe live on August 14th at the Tractor Tavern. See him now, he has a tendency to disappear, gypsy-style.