Comedian Dartanion London and Alt-Country Outfit Swearengens

T-minus-one day until the excursion to the Katie Couric Show and we share our latest update and the stresses that come from being on a show we have no right being on. But you’ll never hear that from us. Except here.

Comedian Dartanion London is on his way to the Bonnaroo Festival and stops by the Moldy Basement in his Ford Fiesta. Ford is sponsoring his cross-country soujourn to Bonnaroo by providing a vehicle and paying his gas. Well enough gas to get him to Wyoming. He’ll walk the rest of the way.

An alt-country band that conjures up a mix of the Jayhawks, Johnny Cash and broken ankles (that reference will make sense after listening .. ouch!). Listen to a couple heartbreaking tunes from their two CD’s, the latest of which – “Waiting on the Sunrise” – will be officially released at a Tractor Tavern show on June 8th.