Country singer Ethan Freckleton and the big call from NYC

Sure we may have had to swim across the Skagit to get this show to you – after a catastrophic collapse of the I-5 bridge in Skagit County – but this show is well worth the extra effort.

Michael Stusser gets the big call from New York City regarding the documentary he and Marty developed called “Sleeping with Siri.”

You can take the missing person posters down, our AWOL producer, Mike, returns from his “vacation” (he probably got arrested).

Hey “chicken” lovers, we’ve got something for you, too, as we breakdown KFC’s new boneless chicken campaign. Yum. Gross. #ihatethebones

Finally a third appearance from country artist Ethan Freckleton, who performs songs from his new CD that don’t so much document a breakup, but cause one. Ethan will debut his new CD “Unlimited Love” on June 1st at Ballard’s Pussy Room. Ok, then.