Josh Malm of Portland's Redwood Son

This is the episode where Marty reveals his fear that his wife is trying to kill him. The weapon? Dangerous pancakes! Which he graciously shares with his podcast guests.

The second half of the show is devoted to the survivors of the laced pancakes, namely Josh Malm of Portland’s Redwood Son. Not only do we think Josh is one of the finest singer-songwriters we’ve hosted in the Moldy Basement, but he’s from Portland!! You know how we feel about Portland, right? Josh will return from that “mosquito infested river town” (a term of affection) next weekend to play the Tractor Tavern, May 18th, with his full band.


And our old broadcast cohort Shawn Stewart stops by to plug a new pet show that she’s hosting on a real radio station. You know, with listeners and stuff. Cool.