Seattle actor/comedian Pat Cashman and Oakland's Shawn Brown

Seattle treasure Pat Cashman joins us today to reassure us that while making fun of Ballard and Kent is so 1999, The 206, an offshoot of the old, locally produced Almost Live, has much fodder for a new season. Returning this Saturday night to KING-TV Cashman, John Keister and Cashman’s son, Chris, satirize everything from gay marriage to the legalization of pot (see a clip HERE).


From a local treasure to the pride of Oakland, blue-eyed soul singer Shawn Brown joins us with music that will make Rob Thomas retire (if he hasn’t already…). Playing two songs off his album, Chasing Streetlights, Brown mixes soft melodies and beautiful lyrics, with their origin in a Boise, ID sports workout.


And tune in to hear Marty butcher the name of the island town of St. Lucia as he shares a horrifying story of a Seattle architect who attempts to swim in cotton.