Our first freedom podcast

Officially this is podcast #369 but it might as well be Show #1. Marty is free from his corporate obligations (though he still loves West Seattle Coin, Carter Subaru, ROKU, and is open to other offers), the show is back on UStream – which means live chat from the audience, join us next week – and Jodi makes a no-longer-all-that-rare appearance.

It’s gift-giving season, and Marty passes out holiday rewards to the podcast staff for their free labor this past year – some gifts legal, some border-line, and …a lump of coal for MArty (again…).

Then, coming up after the break, a band named after distilled spirits … oh wait, old habits die hard. Whiskey Syndicate is a rockin’ four-piece with a scorching lead guitarist, and an iconic blues rock vocalist. Love these guys, and they play the End of the World Party at the Crocodile Cafe on December 21, 2012. Assuming the world cooperates.

The best news of all, another Japanese Baby is on the way! Yaz is pregnant (in Japan, the men carry the babies we think). Congrats!!

Next week, our last episode of the year starring LeRoy Bell.