King County's Eco-Warrior and Looping Guitars

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Let’s just start with the important stuff: P-A-R-T-Y! To celebrate Marty quitting – again – on December 20th. Our old podcast vixen Jodi Brothers swings by to announce the official gala open to everyone: Feedback Lounge from 7pm (Marty’s bedtime) to 10pm ( Marty will be dead).

We follow that exciting news with the recognition that we now officially live in the coolest state in the union. Partly because pot is now legal here, and partly because Washington State is home to hyperactive, eco-activist Tom Watson. Tom shares numerous ideas for a less wasteful and less joyous holiday (we’re kidding).

And finally, former Honduran runaway drug kingpin and dance hall proprietor, Aaron Daniel lays down a sordid tale for the ages and some layered, looping tunes.

By the way, we’re off next week, returning December 21, 2012.