Kevin Murphy of The Moondoggies

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Just a bunch of Power Ball losers on today’s show. For if we had won, you can bet we wouldn’t have shown up to deal with this podcast nonsense.

For awhile actually, we thought our guest, Kevin Murphy from Seattle’s Moondoggies, might have won because he was a no-show. Then again we also thought Kevin was a brooding musician from the beaches of Ketchikan, Alaska. All false information.

So, it was nice to have Mr. Murphy arrive – a few minutes late – to set us straight. He’s a great guy – actually not brooding at all (and originally from Everett). Kevin plays a couple of Moondoggies tunes – one brand new – and shares cookie recipes and a few stories from…yep Alaska.

See the Moondoggies at their annual Christmas show, December 7th & 8th at the Tractor Tavern.