Andrew Vait, Massy Ferguson and Election Results

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If you’re waiting on our weekly podcast for your election results, well then, breaking news Reagan won in a landslide. If you need more updated results: gays, pot-heads and a black guy all won. Our status as a podcast of old white guys is being threatened, which is OK because we have a disdain for old white guys too.

At the risk of sounding gay – which is totally fine now – we do love the young white guys performing live on our podcast today. Massy Ferguson debuts some incredible new music off their next album which is just being finished. And Andrew Vait from Eternal Fair wows us with some of most pitch-perfect whistling you’ll hear this side of Spokane. (By the way, WE LOVE YOU SPOKANE!)

But the real magic happens when Andrew and Ethan team up for a mind blowing, off-the-cuff duet. You can see them play live together on Friday, November 23, 2012 at the Crocodile Cafe.

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